Tea, Kok Must Use Sugar?

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download (14)Tea, Kok Must Use Sugar? – Today I had lunch at the shop for the first time I entered. Understandably, because my local bachelors often eat out, and it was moving. Eating at the same stall boring, although the taste of the food is good.

When asked, “Would you like to drink?” by the guard at the shop. “Tea bargaining” I replied. As a somewhat surprised, do not believe, I see his face looked a little bit changed. “Do not use sugar sir?” He asked back. “No,” I replied. “So what?” My further later. “Just nanya Pak”, he said as he left.

Eating without sweet tea or sweet juice at breakfast, lunch or dinner for many of us it seems odd. Especially when eating out, maybe we considered stingy if only drink unsweetened tea or water. I do not know what causes this widespread habit in our society.

“What is the effect of advertising is very intense at this time, like eating as though incomplete without drinking something that is definitely packed in a very sweet taste?”

When I was younger, it drinks like tea or coffee is usually served without sugar. Therefore referred unsweetened tea, black coffee, and served hot. Until now, perhaps the old man in the village was still getting most of it. Fresh hot tea or black coffee. My mother died at the age of 90 years, and my grandmother’s sister who reach the age of about 95 years also had the same habits.

From renelitian I’ve ever read, if tea is mixed with anything, the positive benefits of antioxidant “polyphenols” which contains substantially reduced. Also tea should be drunk in fresh condition. Tea is packaged in bottles, certainly a very sweet sugar and preservatives may be made from new, up to your desk after a few weeks. According to the study, the benefits also would be reduced.

The habit of drinking tea or coffee is actually a lot of benefits, especially green tea. No indisputable, helpful tea to control cholesterol, prevent stroke, heart disease, cancer, especially colon cancer, skin health and reduce tooth decay. The problem now is the sugar that you pour into your glass, would not affect the benefits of tea that should you get?

Although, until now I have not read the research on that, but when mixed with milk tea, as far as studies that have been done, would reduce the benefits of the tea itself.

Okay, let sugar be no impact on the benefits of tea. But the sugar itself, that you consume belebihan together with a cup of tea at breakfast, lunch, dinner, or during breaks and midday heat, “does not have an adverse effect on kesehataan you?”

If you like it, suppose tea in a glass of water, two tablespoons of sugar, or about 20-30 grams, one day you are consuming about 100 grams of sugar. 100 grams of sugar will produce 400 calories, this equates to about 20% of your daily caloric needs. When you drink a sugar that is considered additional calories you consume each day, outside the staple food, without you knowing it, it is no wonder cases of obesity, diabetes mellitus skyrocketed in our country.

Conversely, drinking sweet tea, it is not seen in China and Vietnam. I’ve been several times to China, and two months ago to Vietnam. As in China, in Vietnam the same habit of drinking tea, which was served warm, with no sugar at all. I feel it even more enjoyable, especially when we are thirsty. I think perhaps this habit could be as one reason for the low incidence of obesity at all costs as well as diabetes mellitus there http://www.greencoffee.co.id/

Therefore, why not try it? Drinking water tea without sugar, certainly more useful to you. However, if you are still addicted to sugars that are addiction, brewed tea, add a little sugar, leave, do not stir. If you want to taste fresh tea, grab a lime, cut, squeezed, add to them. Then, diseruput little by little while warm. Hmmmm .. try to feel! And, for sure it is getting healthy!

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