“Freestyle”, Alternative Motor Activity Sarat Achievement

0844189Freestyle-2780x390“Freestyle”, Alternative Motor Activity Sarat Achievement – World freestyle runs alongside a facility in an area that supports these activities. Unfortunately, in some areas has not developed a serious though not a few facilities that can be used to practice.

This was disclosed Wawan Tembong, freestyler winner Motor Show Stunt Grand Prix in 2016 in Thailand and most accomplished freestyler here at home today, when met at the event Unity Pitstop Otomania Samarinda, Sunday (05/08/2016).

Unlike the sport of motor racing, freestyle does not require much space and funding is needed not as much motor racing.

“Freestyle was easy enough to get started. Does not require a measuring motor racing. The funds needed are also not as much as when he took the motor racing, “said Henry.

Campaigners only expend funds on a motorcycle for one activity. Motorists will modify the bike to be convenient to use while freestyle action in all places.

In contrast to racing. Motorcycle riders must provide for various types of circuits in a game that followed. Not to mention the high turnover of spare parts caused funds are prepared to be great.

Wawan view, sports facilities in Borneo could be used for the campaigners freestyle practice or for beginners who are interested to try this sport. Unfortunately the euphoria is not for racing so not much to cultivate in depth this activity.

“The facilities in Borneo or Java beyond that a lot can be utilized. Unfortunately the euphoria is not for racing. This is what I’d like to appear on the comrades in Borneo, “said Henry.

In the world there are also freestyle competitions international class eligible to be targeted achievements of the participants. One of them is the championship Stun annual Gran Prix held a gathering of world-class freestyler. At the Asian level there Motor Show Stunt GP won Wawan this year. sarung tangan motor

“The world freestyle is not only to entertain the crowd, although it was the purpose of this event when it was created. However, there are competitions like racing activities to measure the limits of our abilities. This year I hope to participate Stun Gran Prix International in order to feel the highest competition in the world, “said Henry.

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