How to Overcome Insomnia and 15 Fast Ways To Sleep

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Insomnia insomnia or actually is not good for health, especially the liver (liver), a study that describes people who sleep late prone to develop liver cancer, because the liver will work best when we sleep between the hours of 11:00 p.m.-3:00 am, so if we stay up too late, then the liver can not work optimally and this can lead to liver cancer. That way our health will decline.

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If you are one of those who experience difficulty sleeping disorders (insomnia). Try to read some of the articles below that will be useful for you to make your sleep more quickly.

1. Pray Before Bed
The first thing you should do before bed is pray. Because with you pray first then your heart will be calm and tidurpun so soundly and comfortably because it is protected by God Almighty.

2. Avoid Light Sleep Now
Light greatly affect the production process of the hormone melatonin. Bright light will inhibit the production process, and the absence of light will encourage the production process.

3. Avoid To Keep You Looking Towards Hours
If You constantly glanced at the clock late at night, sleep You’ll be damned. You will constantly feel concerned with the remaining sleep time before the other guys busy day begins. If You are one of these people, then You have to put the hours in a drawer, under the bed, or rotate in the direction opposite to the distance pkalianng guys.

4. Avoid Caffeine 9 Hours Before Bed 15 Tips on How to Overcome Insomnia Sleep To Quickly
Great coffee in the morning for some people. However just before bedtime, You need to avoid to consume food and drinks that contain caffeine. Reduce also in eating chocolate, cola, tea or coffee without caffeine though.

5. Set the Sleep Schedule
Arrange a schedule to go and wake up at the same guys every day, including weekends. This routine will make the body and brain of you remain on sleep-wake cycle and go healthy. At the time, You will be able to fall asleep soundly throughout the night. So Get bright light for 5 to 30 minutes as soon as possible after waking guys. Light is a powerful regulator for You wake from sleep.

6. Regular Exercise
Regular exercise has been shown to improve sleep quality, as long as You do not get too close to bedtime. Energo which You get after exercise can make You stay awake. Leave a gap between the guys finished exercising with sleep time between 3-4 hours.
Tip: exercise or mild exercise such as yoga, tai chi, and similar exercises should be done before bed.

7. Neutralize Voice
Droplets taps, dogs barking, the sound of vehicles will eliminate most of the time sleeping guys.
Tip: Resist the voice sound more orderly and calm, like the sound of a fan, air conditioning, or other soothing sounds. You can also use ear plugs (ear plugs) to overcome.

8. Do not Smoke
Nicotine is also a stimulant, similar to caffeine. Nicotine will make of you more awake and can worsen insomnia.
Tip: To make a plan to quit smoking You, You’ll sleep a little better if You smoked less than usual and have stopped doing so for at least four hours before You go to sleep.

9. Keep Pets of Beds You
Movement of pet dogs and cats will prevent You guys got a good night sleep as desired. They can also carry fleas, dust, feathers, and other allergens to bed guys.
Tip: Consult your veterinarian or the animal trainer, how to make guys keep pets happy and want to sleep in his own place.

10. Relax Mind Before You Sleep
Relieve the emotions and the thoughts of you about an hour before bedtime. Read something light, listening to music, or a warm bath to soothe the mind of you.
Tip: This ritual can also be done 10 minutes before sleep when bedtime guys getting narrower.

11. Use Pillow To Relieve Back Pain
Mild back pain probably will not wake to sleep, but it would be very disturbing sleep soundly guys. The easy solution is to put a small pillow between the legs of you while sleeping sideways, point to align the hips and reduce pain in the back.
Tip: When you sleep on your back, place a small pillow under the knees of you to reduce back pain at night.

12. Place the neck in neutral position
If You wake up with a stiff neck, pillow blame guys. Sometimes You use a pillow that is too thick or too thin. Pillow You must be sized appropriately to support the guys neck in a neutral position. To sleep sideways, nose You must be parallel denganpusattubuh guys. Avoid sleeping on your stomach, because it will wind the guys neck.

13. Clean Beds Regularly
Allergies can cause sneezing, runny nose, or itching can cause disturbed sleep guys, and it may be due to bed guys that over time will be filled with dust, mites and other allergens all kinds. Wash bed You’re in a certain period of time on a regular basis.

14. Immediately Consult Doctor
When the severity of insomnia You still relatively low, then You can still cope with these tips. But if for a month insomnia You still did not go away, it’s time to check up guys and find out what happened to the body of you. Insomnia may be just a symptom of an illness that is more serious. Chronic insomnia is need for evaluation of a local doctor.

15. Appropriate Use Prescription Sleep Medication
You might be tempted to use sleeping pills when drowsiness You had not come in the middle of the night, but be careful in using it. Sleeping pills can make guys addictive and have side effects that interfere. Ideally, a drug used to sleep in a short period of time, not to be the everyday lifestyle.

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